Crack The Code To Parenting

Crack The Code To Parenting is a 6-step program to bring about a more peaceful life. It will create calm in your household. You will stop fighting with your kids. You will get rid of the unnecessary fights with your spouse. You will get to know your children in a way you have only dreamed of. You will learn new things about yourself. And, best of all, you will not learn these things once. You will learn them for a lifetime. This is the path to creating and forging relationships with your children that carry over into adulthood. So your kids always want to be in your life. Crack The Code To Parenting...Give Your Kids The Childhood They Don’t Have to Heal From! Isn’t that the goal? To build lifelong, loving, respectful, harmonious relationships with your kids?


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Week 1

Lesson 1

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Week 2

Lesson 2

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Week 3

Lesson 3

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Week 4

Lesson 4

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Week 5

Lesson 5

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Week 6

Lesson 6


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Veenu Keller

Parent Child Whisperer

I’m Veenu Keller, parent coach, child behavioral specialist, in-home interventionist, best-selling author, Certified Master Life Coach, and founder of The In Home Family TurnAround Program. I help families recover and grow closer together. Often this happens after a time of intense stress, where the kids and their parents have lost their sense of “peace”. The joy has gone out of parenting and the “when will this be over” has set in.

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