Sandra Biskind invites you to join her and her husband, Daniel Biskind, for a FREE Healing Energy Meditation

During these meditations, they will be introducing a thought process that will reprogram the body to regenerate and support a stronger immune system and facilitate the overall feeling of joy and wellbeing.

These meditations have been designed specifically to help you shift into a high-frequency state of mind where you naturally become neutral and free to live as the high-frequency divine being that you are. 

The body/brain connection will produce a new bio-electromagnetic signature changing how you show up and what you can manifest in your life.

These unique guided Healing Energy Meditations will upgrade your energy centers, raise your vibration and shift you into the frequency that is the best version of you.

Healing, happiness & success begins with a shift in mindset.

Let's make that shift together!

List of Speakers and Sessions

Sandra & Daniel Biskind - Energy Healing Meditation Sessions